Drum Lesson # 1

Working on some breaks just like every day. Some FatGyver custom breaks might come out at some point.
“Recording Hybrid Kit” by Drumdrops. The whole chain: Drum kit, Slate’s Virtual Console Channel, Universal Audio’s Pultec EQ + 1176 comp (parallel comp), OhmForce’s PredatOHM (parallel processing), Slate’s Virtual Tape + Virtual Buss Compressor, another Pultec and another Virtual Tape.

Finished an EP worth of material

Phew. Been buried under work for a long time. Finally made it out of there and finished an EP worth of material, hoping it’ll see the light of the day in a way or another one day. Here’s a real quick Insta-snippet.

New studio set up

Lab finally set up. Time to get crackin' with the beats.#mpc #mpc4000 #emu #akai #s3200xl #s950 #uaudio @uaudio #technics #sl1210 #audeze @audeze_official #numark #vinyl #records #microbrute #fatgyverlab #fanulab #studio #gearporn #studioporn

Moving and setting up new lab…done! Working on new beats.
The first album for Redef is done, and currently we’re waiting for a verse or two from a dope rapper, and then it’ll be full steam ahead with the album release, so watch this space.

Got a nice package from Redef.
The album, “Talk To Strangers”, will be coming out on Redef in a few months. There’s a few new plans regarding it we want to wrap up but then it’ll be good to go.
So, watch this space.

Cam + Insta test

Another spinning percolator! Actually, just another camera test (Canon 550D). Totally free handing, shaking like heck – just trying out the zoom. Beat on the background is Fatgyver’s “Blacula Beat”.

Album teaser video

I’m stoked to say that the debut album will be coming out on Redefinition Records.
Can’t put into words how honored I am to be getting my instrumental hip hop debut out on one of my favourite labels. Redefinition Records is an indie hip-hop label based out of New Jersey & Washington, DC. It’s all killers, no fillers, presenting the dopest in hip hop. Especially Damu The Fudgemunk’s works have been inspiring my hip-hop-ism to a great extent.

We’ll be having more release news for you shortly, so stay tuned!

Wrappin’ it up!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 22.17.39Wrapping up the first FatGyver album as we speak.
Trimmed the fat; there’s around 18 songs/beats for it now (we’ll see if I’ll trim it more).
For the true hiphop heads. No wacky synthy trap beats hiphop here: this is for those who understand and appreciate the true nineties hiphop sampling aesthetics.
There’ll be a vinyl, digital release, and t-shirts with the album art coming, and trust me, the art is DOPE as hell (by a true professional artist who understands the “FatGyver” style aesthetics).

Beats will be made…trust me.
MPC / Akai for life!